International Research Network on Latin America and the Global History of Knowledge (LAGLOBAL)

Quadro de la Historia natural, Civil y Geográfico del Reyno del Perú (1799)

The Quadro was an object and subject of commentary at the LAGLOBAL Madrid conference.
Copyright background image: Quadro de Historia Natural, Civil y Geográfica del Reyno del Perú (1799), CSIC-MNCN.

Global Americana: The Wider Worlds of a Singular Collection

John Carter Brown Library and LAGLOBAL Exhibition

In autumn 2017 LAGLOBAL partner JCB explores the global dimensions of American knowledge in an exhibit based on its rich collection of books, manuscripts and maps.

Copyright background image, JCBL, Americae nova descriptio

Medicina e Saúde Pública na América Latina: uma história

Marcos Cueto, FIOCRUZ and LAGLOBAL member, co-author of new work on Latin American history of medicine.

Copyright background image: Civitas Carthagena in Indiae occidentalis continente sita… (1588), John Carter Brown Library.

¿Qué es la historia del conocimiento?

Cambridge professor and LAGLOBAL member Peter Burke’s classic introduction to the field, What is the History of Knowledge? now available in Spanish.  Translated by Gabriela Ubaldini.  Siglo XXI editores. Buenos Aires. 2017.

The scientific and medical knowledge of the New World

Professor Mark Thurner was interviewed by Journal História Ciências Saúde during the last LAGLOBAL Symposium.

Making Medicines in Early Colonial Lima, Peru. Apothecaries, Science and Society

Professor Linda Newson, ILAS Director and LAGLOBAL Convenor, recenty published the book Making Medicines in Early Colonial Lima, Peru. Apothecaries, Science and Society. 

Copyright background image, John Carter Brown Library, Callao de Lima, 1671.

La Colonisation du Savoir. Une Histoire des Plantes Médicinales du "Noveau Monde" (1492-1750)

Samir Boumediene, one of the newest members of LAGLOBAL, published his work on the struggles in the appropriation of Native American botanic and medicine knowledge by Europeans scientific expeditions.

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