Collecting and Display

The Collecting and Display Working Group (CDWG) responds to Latin America’s place at the forefront of collecting and supplying objects of knowledge but also its relative invisibility when it comes to the display or representation of that knowledge, which has been undervalued in dominant ‘Western’ narratives of science and  art. Notably, the display and study of collections could take hybrid forms, combining religious, aesthetic and scientific elements seen in documents, book illustrations, architecture, and cabinets. The CDWG will identify key moments in the connected histories of collecting and display and the means by which these were or were not disseminated. The group will hold virtual meetings and a workshop linked to a public conference in Madrid at the Museo de América in April 2017.



Leoncio López Ocón

Professor of Geography at the Instituto de Historia at CSIC, Madrid  and author of Breve historia de la ciencia española (Alianza Editorial, 2003).


Juan Pimentel

Professor of History of Science at the Instituto de Historia at CSIC, Madrid and author of The Rhinoceros and the Megatherium. An Essay in Natural History, ( Harvard University Press, 2017).


Neil Safier

Director of the John Carter Brown Library and author of Measuring the New World: Enlightenment Science and South America (Chicago, 2008).



Laura Van Broekhoven (Pitt Rivers Museum, UK)

Helen Cowie (University of York, UK)

Manuela Fischer (Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Germany)

Mariana Françozo (Leiden University, Netherlands)

José Pardo Tomás (CSIC, Spain)

Jose Ramon Marcaida (Cambridge, UK)