Casa de Oswaldo Cruz, Rio de Janeiro


Worlds of Nature and Medicine:

New Historical Perspectives

August 2-4, 2017



Wednesday, August 2

9:00 Opening Words

Paulo Roberto Elian dos Santos (FIOCRUZ)

Mark Thurner (ILAS, University of London)

Part 1: Network, Circulation and Commerce

10:00 Session 1A.

The Global History of the Great Beast and the Commerce of Animal-based Remedies

Irina Podgorny (Universidad Nacional de La Plata)

Missionários do corpo e da alma: Circulação de produtos, saberes e práticas de cura nas Boticas da Companhia de Jesus

Lais Viena de Souza (IFBA Salvador).

11:00 Coffee Break

A Specific Conquest: European Naturalists and the Search for Specific Remedies in the Americas

Samir Boumediene (CNRS Lyon)

Conocimiento situado y redes de expertos: el caso del Cundurango

Elisa Sevilla (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador) and Ana Sevilla (Universidad San Francisco de Quito)

Chair/Discussant: Neil Safier (John Carter Brown Library)

12:30 LUNCH

13:30 Session 1B.

Apothecaries and native materia medica in early colonial Lima, Peru

Linda Newson (ILAS, University of London)

From Bombay to Rio de Janeiro: Transnational History of Instituto Soroterápico Federal

Matheus Alves Duarte da Silva (EHESS Paris)

Cooperação e rivalidade: Evandro Chagas e Fred Soper no combate ao Anopheles gambiae no Brasil

Gabriel Lopes Anaya (FIOCRUZ)

Chair/Discussant: Marcos Cueto (FIOCRUZ)

15:00 Coffee Break

15:30 Keynote

Holding the World Together: The Role of Go-Betweens in the Global Construction of Knowledge

Kapil Raj (EHESS Paris)

Thursday, August 3

Part 2. Bodies, Spaces and Ways of Knowing 

9:00 Session 2A.

Multitudinous Natures: Materiality, Ontologies and Historicism in the Early Modern Black Atlantic

Pablo Gomez (University of Wisconsin)

Trying Madness: Patients, Inquisitors, and Medical Experts in Late Colonial Mexico

Christina Ramos (Washington University)

Amerindian Naturalists?

Iris Montero Sobrevilla (Brown University)

Chair/Discussant: Mark Thurner (ILAS, University of London)

10:30 Coffee Break

11:00 Session 2B.

Comets over the New World: Observation Reports and Interpretations published in the Americas, 1652-1690

Thomás A. S. Haddad (EACH-USP)

Vicuña, Silk of the Andes: Domestication, Acclimatisation and Conservation

Helen Cowie (York University)

Auguste de Saint-Hilaire: Writing for Brazilian Readers

Lorelai Kury (FIOCRUZ)

Chair/Discussant: Linda Newson (ILAS, University of London)

13:00 LUNCH

14:00 Session 2C.

Politics, Possession, and Natural History on a Luso-Hispanic Amazonian Frontier

Neil Safier (John Carter Brown Library)

Missionary Hydrography and the Invention of Early Modern Amazonia

Roberto Chauca (University of Florida)

Edens and Arks: On the Loci of Natural Historical Knowledge

Mark Thurner (ILAS, University of London)

Chair/Discussant: Marcos Cueto (FIOCRUZ)

Friday, August 4th

LAGLOBAL Members Only Workshop

10:00 LAGLOBAL: Summary of Year 1 and Projection for Year 2

Mark Thurner (ILAS, University of London)

Jose Guevara (ILAS, University of London)

11:00 Roundtable Discussion

Marcos Cueto (FIOCRUZ)

Linda Newson (ILAS, University of London)

Neil Safier (John Carter Brown Library)

Pablo Gomez (University of Wisconsin)

Iris Montero Sobrevilla (Brown University)

Elisa Sevilla (FLACSO Ecuador)

Samir Boumediene (CNRS Lyon)